Brandywine Photos
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Photos from Brandywine, MD and the surrounding area.
Updated 7/1
CSXT SD80MAC #811 leads a southbound coal drag on the Pope's Creek at MP 24.6 in Brandywine.  This train is bound for the Morgantown Generating Station.

 CSXT SD80MAC#811 is the rear unit on lite power move B704 at the Cherry-Tree Crossing Road crossing on Dec 30, 2000.

CSXT SD80MAC #0804 sits in WINE Siding with an empty hopper train.

CSXT SD80MAC #812 pulls B704 southward as they prepare to cross Cedarville Road.

CSXT SD80MAC #808 pulls lite power move B706 across the Cedarville Rd. crossing on the Herbert Secondary.

CSXT SD80MAC #805 pulls B701 northward across Rte. 381.

CSXT SD80MAC #802 leads B701 off the Herbert Secondary and onto the Pope's Creek Secondary at DAN.

CSXT GP40-2 #6160 leads ballast extra B901 at Brandywine, MD.  They are preparing to dump ballast at the derailment site at MP 24.6.

CSXT SD80MAC #800 sits in WINE siding on a sunny March day.

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