Brandywine Photos
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Photos from Brandywine, MD and the surrounding area
Updated 7/1
Conrail C40-8W #6260 leads southbound V986 on the north leg of the wye in Brandywine at MP 24.6.  This train is bound for the Chalk Point Generating Plant.

CSXT SD80MAC #801, the only SD80MAC in CSX paint, sits at the north end of WINE siding in Brandywine with AC6000CW #672 and SD80MAC #811.

CSXT SD80MAC #811 leads northbound empty hopper train E083 past the Brandywine Firehouse on the Herbert Secondary on a snowy January day.

Norfolk Southern Dash 9-40CW #9685 pulls north through an open field.  The lead unit wears primer paint instead of the normal black and white because NS needed the engines to move trains right after Day #1.

CSXT SD80MAC #809 pulls southbound coal train B704 through Brandywine, MD.  This train is heading to the Morgantown Generating Station.

CSXT C40-8W #7340 leads a southbound coal drag at MP 24.9 in Brandywine.  The track diverging to the right is the south leg of the wye.

CSXT C40-8W #7368 rounds the south leg of the wye with B904 on a sunny March day.

CSXT SD80MAC #808 poses for a night shot at the Firehouse in Brandywine, MD.  This train was stuck on the Herbert Secondary because of the derailment at MP 24.6.

CSXT SD80MAC #803 blasts upgrade on Duley's Hill at the amazing speed of 10 MPH.  This location can be reached by parking at Duley's Station Road near Brandywine.

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