Brandywine Photos
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Photos from Brandywine, MD and the surrounding area.
Updated 7/1
CSXT SD80MAC #802 leads B701 north past DAN.

CSXT SD80MAC #812 leads B704 northwards through Upper Marlboro, MD on a sunny spring day.  This location is designated PRINCE by CSX.

CSXT SD80MAC #811 with train B704 sits at MP 24.6 in Brandywine waiting to go to Chalk Point as a lite power move.  The crew is waiting to receive a FORM D from the Trenton Line Dispatcher.

CSXT C40-8W #7368 pulls a loaded coal train towards Chalk Point through Dog Patch, MD.  It is passing the old Gallant Green Store out of view on the left.

CSXT SD80MAC #803 sits at the Rte. 381 crossing waiting for a new crew.

CSXT C40-8W #7368 and four other motors pull a northbound empty hopper train around a sweeping curve near the Croom Hill Road crossing in Upper Marlboro.

CSXT C40-8W #7381 pulls a southbound loaded coal train by MP 24.9.

CSXT C40-8W #7368 pulls B704 around the south leg of the wye with 78 empties for Benning.

CSXT SD80MAC #802 pulls B704 northward across the Western Branch of the Patuxent River in Upper Marlboro, MD.  This location can be reached by parking at the near-by Food Lion grocery store.

CSXT SD80MAC #810 leads empty hopper train E083 across the Cherry Tree X-ing Rd. crossing after coming off the Herbert Secondary.

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