Waldorf Photos
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Photos from Waldorf, MD and surrounding area.
Updated 5/15
CSXT GP40-2 #6149 follows on the rear of B701 as it crosses Substation Road.

CSXT GP40-2 #6150 switches Chopp Lumber on an overcast December day.  Photo by Jean Valenta

CSXT SD80MAC #809 pulls B901 southward to the Morgantown Power Plant.

Conrail GP38-2 #8271 pulls WPBE-03 through the snow and across Mattawoman Beantown Road.

CSX GP40-2 #6150 is pulled on the rear of B701 as it prepares to switch Chopp Lumber.

CSXT GP40-2 #6160 switched Allied Plywood.  This customer is unusual in the fact that it rarely gets service anymore.

CSXT SD80MAC #808 leads southbound loaded coal train V975 through the woods near the Cedarville Road crossing.  This area is very scenic, but beware of the thorn bushes and poison ivy in the summer.

CSXT GP40-2 #6150 idles on a small hill while B701 switches Allied Plywood.

CSXT SD80MAC #811 pulls B707 southward to Morgantown and across Substation Road.

CSXT GP40-2 #6160 pushes back to its cars after completing its work at Allied Plywood.

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