Waldorf Photos
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Photos from Waldorf, MD and surrounding area.
Updated 5/15
Conrail GP15-1 #1631 waits while the crew is out to lunch at the Mattawoman Beantown Rd crossing in Waldorf.  Lefty's BBQ and Wendy's are the two favorite places for the crews to eat.

CSXT GP38 #2117 in Chessie paint leaves Waldorf on the rear end of B701.

CSXT GP38-2 #2681 arrives at the Ink Co. in Waldorf with stunning foliage colors.

CSXT C40-8W #7375 pulls B704 south across the Substation Road crossing on a sunny January 2001 day.

CSXT GP38-2 #2804 in Conrail paint pulls out of Chopp Lumber after dropping the loads of lumber.

CSXT GP40-2 #6295 leads B701 through Waldorf, MD during the evening.  The train is stopped between Substation Rd and Mattawaom Beantown Rd because a coal train has the block ahead to pick up empties off of WINE siding.

Conrail SD60M #5502 waits patiently as the crew of B701 switches Chopp Lumber in Waldorf.

CSXT GP40-2 #6151 pulls B701 northwards to Bowie, MD and the NEC.  They are passing behind a new shopping center by the intersection of Old Washington Road and Acton Lane.

Conrail GP38-2 #8255 leads WPBE-03 through Waldorf, MD.  This train is the last Conrail local to operate over the Pope's Creek Secondary.

Conrail GP38-2 #8269 pulls into the shadows with WPBE-03 on a cold winter day in 1999.

CSX GP40-2 #6159 leads B701 off of the Chopp Lumber lead and on to the main on a dreary May day.

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