Interesting Sightings
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Photos of various sightings from the Pope's Creek & Herbert Secondaries.
Updated 6/15

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AC Power..NS Power

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Repaints..Track Geomerty..M of W..Foreign Power..Derailments


CSXT SD60M #8774 visited the Pope's Creek on E083 at the Brandywine Firehouse.

CSXT SD80MAC #801 sits at the north end of WINE siding in Brandywine with AC6000CW #672 and SD80MAC #811.

CSXT C40-8W #7390 sits on the north end of WINE siding in Brandywine on an overcast day.

CSXT C40-8W #7378 is pulled through Brandywine, MD on a loaded hopper train.

CSXT C40-8W #7375 is the lead unit of a northbound empty hopper train in Waldorf, MD.

CSXT C40-8W #7368 leads a northbound power move through Brandywine, MD.

CSXT C40-8W #7366 was parked on the WINE Siding in Brandywine on a cold and windy January day.  Photo by John Valenta.

CSXT C40-8W #7361 sits on WINE siding with an unknown loaded coal train.

CSXT C40-8W #7324 is the middle unit of B704's consist at WINE in Brandywine, MD.
Foreign Power
EMDX SD40-2 #6305 is in the number six position of E083 at the Route 381 crossing in Brandywine, MD on a sunny spring day.

CSXT GP38 #2117 in Chessie paint visited the Pope's Creek in late July of 1999 with CR GP15-1 #1631.

LMS C40-8W #725 is in the consist of ENG-101 in Bel Alton, MD.  Photo by Dave Goldsmith

Track Geometry

Conrail B23-7 #1933 pulls GEO-??? over the Cedarville Rd. crossing early on a winter morning.  Photo by Dave Goldsmith

M of W

CSXT Trackcar (TC) #46343 sits at the Mattawoman Beantown Rd. crossing in Waldorf on yet another cold and snowy day in January 2000.  The crews is digging out the crossing so they can proceed across.

CSXT Rail Inspection Car GRMS-1 sits on Long Siding near the Brandywine Firehouse.  This vehicle is used to detect deficiencies in the rail to prevent accidents.

A Conrail M of W truck passes through La Plata, MD.  Photo by Art Audley

The fiber optic train that was used to lay wire along the right of way sits in the La Plata siding.  Photo by Art Audley

The rail-grinding train works south of La Plata on a sunny summer day.  Photo by Art Audley

Sperry Rail Service #149 sits in La Plata, MD after a long day of examining track.  Photo by Art Audley

Several CSX M of W machines sit idle over the weekend at Long Siding in Brandywine, MD.

The same M of W crane sitting at the La Plata Siding in La Plata, MD.  It has been resurrected from the dead to help CSX personnel.


A CSXT hopper sits at the Croom Road crossing in Upper Marlboro.  This hopper has suffered great damage and will most likely be scrapped.

The hopper's truck that was pulled out from underneath of itself.

The derailed hoppper from Croom Road sits on the Marlboro Team Track in Upper Marlboro, MD on a heavy-duty CSXT flat car.
Please See the "Derailment in Brandywine" Feature for more pictures of derailments.
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