White Plains Photos
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Photos from White Plains, MD and the surrounding area.
Updated 2/6
CSX GP40-2 #6158 pulls B701 towards the Billingsley Road crossing as a Dodge pick-up truck speeds in front of him.

CSX GP40-2 #6154 idles as the crew of B701 copies a Form D from the dispatcher.

CSX GP40-2 #6158 pulls across the Billingsley Road crossing on a cloudy spring day.

CSX GP40-2 #6158 pulls out from behind the trees off the NAVY RR and on "The CreeK".

CSXT GP38 #2117 pulls south with B701 so Conrail GP15-1 #1631 can be put on the north end at 84 Lumber.

CSXT GP40-2 #6160 pulls out of the 84 Lumber lead at NAV in White Plains, MD late on a Spring evening.

CSXT GP38-2 #2804 leads B701 through the twilight as it completes the switching of the Indian Head Central railway yard.

Norfolk Southern Dash 9-40CW #9380 pulls a southbound loaded coal drag just south of White Plains, MD at the Billingsley RD crossing. Photo by Dave Goldsmith

CSXT GP40-2 #6152 pushes through Indian Head Junction in White Plains, MD to drop off cars and locomotives for the Indian Head Central.

Conrail GP15-1s #1630 & #1631 display their new paint while the crew maneuvers to put one engine on the other end of the train.  This is down so they can operate in the north direction.

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