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Photos from the IHCR's 15 mile line, from Indian Head to White Plains.

Updated 3/18

IHCR FP10 #1114 shows off its lovely orange paint in a reflection near Bumpy Oaks Rd. in Pomonkey, MD.

#1114 pulls up-grade with an excursion on March 18th, 2000.  This is truly an amazing site. Photo by Bob Thompson

#1114 pulls around one of the many telephoto curves on the line in Indian Head, MD.

A Scenic Sunday Luncheon rounds a curve on the line between Hawthorne Rd. and Blair Ave.

#1114 pushes an excursion into the forest after crossing Hawthorne Rd just outside of Indian Head.

A scene from the 1950's?  Not quite.  B701 pushes the units for the Indian Head Central Railway across Crain Highway on a sunny March day.

#1114 passes the Indian Head Navy Base Fire Department as conductor Don Kress flags the crossing.

Cape Cod Scenic FP10 #1100 sits patiently in the small yard in White Plains, MD awaiting transfer to the Indian Head Naval Base.  It is not alone, as sisters #1101 and #1114 are already there along with numerous former LIRR commuter coaches.

#1114 is ready to depart with a Scenic Sunday Luncheon.

Several speeders are assembled at the Rte. 301 intersection during the fall of 1999.  Photo by Bob Thompson

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