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Photos from the 1960's and 1970's on the Pope's Creek Secondary.

All photos by Charlie Kilbourne except where noted!

Updated 5/31
A steam excursion powered by a Canadian National 2-8-0 pauses at the Upper Marlboro freight station in August 1969.  It is being passed by a southbound Pennsylvania coal train. 

The La Plata Station looking south in July 1967.

The view at the La Plata Station looking north in 1967.

The new spur at the Budweiser warehouse in Upper Marlboro in August 1966.

The view from La Plata looking north in January 1971.

The "new" Budweiser building in Upper Marlboro in August 1966.

The infamous Indian Head Junction as seen in July 1967.

The small town of Collington in August of 1966.

Laborers handle hogheads of tobacco in Upper Marlboro in November 1969.

This was the new Penn Central trackage to Morgantown shot from the overpass at Newburg, looking south in September of 1968. 

The Marlboro freight house as it appeared in 1968.


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