Benning Yard Photos
Photos from Benning Yard and surrounding area.
Updated 7/1
CSXT SD80MAC #808 sits at Bennings.  Photo by Dave Goldsmith

This is the Western Maryland covered hopper that sat in Bennings for several months.  It was derailed at either Anacostia or M Street and towed up to Bennings on its own wheels after being rerailed by Hulcher.  This hopper was cut up 8 months to a year later.  Photo by Dave Goldsmith

This one is of the two IHC passenger cars that were inadvertently shoved off of a track in Bennings yard.  Photo by Dave Goldsmith

This is a photo of the sanding tower at Bennings.   Obviously abandoned, it sits in the middle of what used to be a servicing facility, but is not a mass of junk and overgrowth.  Photo by Dave Goldsmith

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