Current news about anything involving the Pope's Creek or Herbert Secondaries.
Updated 6/15

Dispatcher Changes Name
The dispatcher for the Pope's Creek, Herbert, and Landover lines has changed its designation from the Trenton Line to 'NI'.

Grade Crossing to be Moved
CSX Transportation has approved moving the Kent Avenue rail crossing in La Plata, eliminating what was considered a major obstacle to the implementation of the town revitalization plan, the mayor said earlier this week.  CSX has said that the moving of the rail crossing on Kent Avenue is feasible, and the town can move forward with its plans, Mayor William Eckman said Tuesday at the town council meeting.  The town will have to pay for the engineering of the new crossing, and that engineering will begin as soon as engineers determine the exact placement of the new Talbot Street, Eckman said."

A Different Locomotive
CSXT SD60 #8650 sits at the Brandywine Firehouse on B707.  The train is awaiting a Form D to proceed north to CP-Bowie from the Trenton Line Dispatcher.

Fire Train Pictures Available
The pictures of the Railroad Emergencies Seminar held in La Plata, MD are now available on the guide.  Please click here to go to the appropriate page.

Car Struck in Brandywine
The remnants of the Ford Explorer after the collision with B707 in Brandywine.  Photo by John Valenta
I have bad news for everyone.  CSX B707 struck a car at the Route 381 crossing in Brandywine on the Pope's Creek at approximately 18:55.  There were no injuries to the crew, and there was no apparent injury to the two people in the car who got hit, but one was really shaken up.  What happened was that the train was backing up and the conductor was on the ground flagging traffic with a flare.  When he told the traffic to stop, one car ran across, the next car stopped on the tracks and the conductor told them to back up immediately, but before they could, then the train struck the car and it was spun around 90 degrees.  The conductor yelled to stop the train to the engineer.  The train made stop, then they yelled emergency several times and reported to the Trenton Line Dispatcher that they struck a car in Brandywine at the 381 crossing.

The police and fire department had to close 381 in both directions.  The PTI Van was there as well.  The car that was hit (a Ford Explorer SUV) was about totaled.  The B707 had engines CR/CSXT 811, 800, and CSX 7361 with 90 full coal cars out of Chalk Point.  The engineer was Lloyd Builtz and conductor was WD Formen.  They were backing up onto the WINE siding before this all happened.  They are still there now.  It looks like it will be a while.

I immediately notified Patrick by cell phone and gave him the info.  I also talked to the trainmaster on the cell phone to let him know everything that happened.  This is in case they need a witness in court.

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