The Pope's Creek Secondary northern terminus is it's connection with Amtrak's Northeast Corridor at Bowie, MD. There is a wye which allows trains to come and go to both Bayview Yard in Baltimore and Benning Yard in Washington DC with out any turning of locomotives. There is a measured mile between MP 10 and MP 11 and trains accessing the south leg of the wye in Bowie are restricted to 10 MPH. A Defect Equipment Detector (DED) is in service at MP 7.9 to check trains for dragging equipment before they access the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

Sidings are located at Collington (5200 ft), Marlboro (600 ft), Wine (4600 ft), and La Plata (400 ft). The sidings at Collington and Wine are commonly used to store empty hopper cars. This is done because CSX is limited to 90 loaded hoppers and 150 empty hoppers south of Landover on the NEC and on certain occasions empties may be over that tally. They are placed there until a train with less then 150 can pick them up for travel to Benning Yard. The sidings at Marlboro and La Plata are currently out of service.

The wye at Brandywine located between MP 24.6 and MP 24.9 is the connection between the Pope's Creek Secondary and the Herbert Secondary. The south leg of the wye is currently out of service.  There is no local business along the Herbert Secondary. Lastly, Indian Head Junction is the connection to NAVY owned trackage that leads to the Indian Head Naval Base. Currently, this trackage is going to be used for a dinner train run by the Northern Central Railway. The option remains viable for freight traffic to also operate along this portion of track.

All radio communications are carried out on frequency 161.070 with the Trenton Line Dispatcher.

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